Decision making

Every year, companies dedicated to the consumer sector are exposed to a series of challenges that they must face if they want to have a place in this market, having to face, among others, a constant vision of the business operations, the management and analysis of an infinity of data and a planning based on a decision making in which the human factor is key. The business of the food sector needs an evaluation of both internal and external data and thus predict commercial data. This reduces uncertainty and improves decision making, an example of which is large-scale farming. These often face a number of challenges that stem from a common cause: the inability to get a holistic view of operations to make optimal decisions. Which plants need to be fertilized or watered? Which are ready for harvest? What is the best sequence of daily activities to maximize productivity? Without this knowledge, farmers can make costly decisions such as over-fertilizing, under-irrigation, or not harvesting crops on time.

Data management

Throughout the decision-making process, data management and planning are the basis for success. Data management has been affected by the infinite number of documents and sources that the employee makes use of, and the lack of access to them. As a result, decisions are made based on data from different sources without taking into account the main market indicators.


Until recently, organizations carried out analysis and planning in different Excel sheets, which resulted in a low level of accuracy of actual data and planning that led to negative results. When it comes to planning, it is not only about planning for results, but also about planning by unifying all departments

Predictive analysis in times of crisis

Predicting and anticipating the market is directly affected by factors such as constant changes in macro and micro economic indicators and extreme situations such as those caused by the VID-19 pandemic.
Predictive analysis allows companies in the sector to identify the key factors that are influencing the business and to respond to questions and analyses that can guide our decision-making.

The SAP Analytics Cloud tool has disrupted the scope of analytics, reporting, and decision making.

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