Commission prepares new initiatives to boost the organic sector

The European Commission launched a public consultation on its future action plan for organic farming earlier this month. This sector will make a major contribution to realising the ambition of the European Green Pact and to achieving the objectives set out in the biodiversity and farm-to-table strategies. The Commission considers it a priority to ensure that the organic farming sector has the appropriate instruments and an agreed and efficient legal framework, which are key to achieving the target of 25 % of agricultural land being used for organic farming

To help achieve this goal, the European Commission is developing, among other tools, new legislation on organic production, which will reflect the changing nature of this rapidly growing sector. The new legislation is designed to ensure fair competition for farmers, prevent fraud and maintain consumer confidence.

In this sense, from ALTIMFood, we want to make available to the sector and control bodies, our experience in the development of real traceability projects based on Blockchain technology.

Blockchain provides transparency, trust, responsibility, guarantee of origin and auditability in the production and supply chain

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